The Innovation pavilion is a structure that could travel around Italy to promote the new 'Innovation Centre' in Milan. It is a structure that can showcase innovative designs and ideas from burgeoning practices in Italy.

The innovation pavilion is designed to be a continuously failing structure so as to provide the participants to be innovative at every stage of its cycle of development. While inhabited, the surfaces continually crack and fall apart from the main structure. As a direct contributor to the cycle of the relationship between participant and environment it supports. Innovation refers to a new way of doing something. It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking. From the origination of an idea to its transformation into something useful, to its implementation and on the system within which the process of innovation unfolds. The walls crumble under the movement of the participant in the pavilion whilst soft tongues sweep the brailed electric comb floor, which has a series of tactile sensors. The pavilion reconfigures through its own reading of the brailed floor, as some sort of reference of its relationship with the ground plane.